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12V electric screwdriver

NEODIT 12v impact screwdriver cordless electric impact screwdriver maximum tightening torque 100Nm stepless speed change, forward and reverse dual-purpose LED lighting remaining power indication light design suitable for the needs of all diy families equipped with 10 65mm cape 2000 mAh high-capacity batteries, charger, Pse certification, collection bag







  • [Continuously Variable Speed] This product has stepless speed change function. The harder you press the trigger, the stronger the torque and the faster the rotation speed. Speed: 0-2600rpm, maximum torque: 100n · m.
  • [2000mah large-capacity battery & margin display] NEODIT impact screwdriver uses 12v 2000mah large-capacity lithium-ion battery, which can work continuously for a long time. With the battery residual power display function, it is more convenient to adjust the work progress. It also comes with a fast charger, which can be fully charged in about 1 hour.
  • [Forward Rotation, Reverse Switching & Safety Lock] The push rods on both sides of the main body can adjust the rotation direction of the screwdriver, not only to screw, but also to loosen. When not working, set the control lever in the middle position, there will be a safety lock, which can prevent misoperation and outstanding safety.
  • [High-brightness LED light & ergonomic design] The lower part of the NEODIT impact screwdriver is equipped with an LED light, which will light up when the trigger is pressed, and it is convenient to work even in a dark environment. This product is highly lightweight and weighs only 0.78kg, making it easy for even women to use it. The soft rubber wrap handle brings excellent feeling of use. Because the location of the battery is designed in the lower part of the fuselage, the partial shape of the handle is more suitable for Asians.
  • [Beautiful Gift] can be used as a gift for father and boyfriend. Accessories: fuselage * 1,65mm, cape * 10, storage box * 1, instruction manual * 1. NEODIT is committed to providing the most comfortable service to all customers. Provide after-sales service team composed of experts for customers who purchase products. Please feel free to contact us about the product.

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