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4V electric screwdriver

NEODIT electric screwdriver electric drill 10 shawl 1 extension rod professional lighting equipment 3.6V 1500mAh large capacity USB charging 6N · m forward and reverse switching LED remaining power display small and light DIY furniture assembly white







"DIY mini screwdriver" light up to 320g, weighing about 1 can of 330mL cola! Mini wireless design, easy to carry around. It is suitable for disassembling small screws and repairing household appliances. It is an indispensable effective tool when assembling furniture and toys!

[Ergonomic design especially suitable for one-handed grip] The ergonomically optimized handle shape is covered with rubber material with easy grip and excellent hand feeling, providing a natural and comfortable grip for one-handed work. The lighting lamp that is automatically turned on with the switch is more suitable for use in dim environment!

[Powerful 3.6V motor with torque up to 6Nm] NEODIT electric screwdriver is equipped with high-performance 3.6V motor with torque up to 6Nm, suitable for various screw fastening. Strengthen the magnetic force of the cape to effectively avoid the shaking of the cape.

[LED lighting lamp USB charging] The bright LED lighting lamp can illuminate the work area and can be used safely and conveniently even in the dark. It can be charged from a mobile power supply or a computer via a USB cable. Level 3 LED remaining power display, easy to view.

[11 accessories 2-year warranty] NEODIT 3.6V electric screwdriver, standard with 10 magnetic shawls, USB charging cables and 1 extension rod, can also choose to be equipped with 32 CR-V magnetic shawls, 1 extension rod and an upgraded version of a storage bag. For both configurations, we provide quality assurance for up to 2 years.


① When removing the screwdriver shawl, please wrap it with tweezers and other tools or wrap it with paper to avoid injury.

Reasons for Selecting NEODIT Electric Screwdriver

comes with 11 kinds of Beatles and has strong compatibility.

comes with MicroUSB wire for easy charging.

compact design is as convenient as an ordinary screwdriver.

lightweight design, easy to hold.

is equipped with lighting lamps for easy operation.


NEODIT electric screwdriver

NEODIT electric screwdriver is a simple design suitable for anyone, with various functions, even if it is easy for women to use DIY tools

makes you fall in love with DIY!

strong torque to ensure screw tightening.

is accompanied by lighting.

Micro USB charging

10 high hardness shawls and 1 extension rod

forward/reverse switch

handle can rotate 90 degrees

rechargeable electric screwdriver

2 adjustable handle positions

USB fast charging

LED work light

Fatigue Reduction

two-way rotation, can tighten and loosen the screw

○ Voltage: 3.6V

○ Battery capacity: 1.5Ah

○ Maximum torque: 6nm

○ Weight: 330g

lighting LED lamp

When the screwdriver is working, the LED light will automatically light up, which is convenient for working in the dark.

high-quality cape

is made of high-quality materials with a hardness of 50hrc.

can rotate continuously for more than 1000 times.

can rotate 90 degrees in two holding modes, with 180 degrees and 90 degrees of handle angles. The turning part uses a material with high durability and can withstand more than 1000 turns. More durable than previous products.

USB fast charging

is compatible with most brands of USB chargers and can be charged quickly.

Work continuously for more than 1 hour.

1500mah high-capacity battery is installed, and LED allowance is displayed. Can work continuously for more than 1 hour.

is a convenient home DIY tool for tightening and loosening screws

has prepared a variety of cape for the assembly of furniture. It can be conveniently assembled with curtains, tables, chairs, shelves and other furniture.


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