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20V pruning shears

hedge trimmer NEODIT hedge trimmer cordless charging 20V cutting width 410mm luxury blade/cutting diameter 16mm lightweight 1.7KG double blade drive 2000mAh battery/charger current protection PSE certification







[High hardness double-edged drive]: NEODIT hedge trimmer adopts double-edged drive design to reduce vibration. The blade is made of manganese high-hardness manganese steel laser processing, which is easier to cut, longer life, and not easy to damage and rust.

[Super cutting force and long working time]: specially designed to extend working time and strengthen cutting force, which is closer to the use requirements. The cutting width of the NEODIT hedge trimmer is 410mm, and the maximum cutting diameter is 16mm. Double-knife drive is easier to cut and convenient for home gardening. 20V battery compatible with all NEODIT 20V series products

[Low vibration, low noise]: NEODIT hedge trimmer has a speed of 1300rpm while keeping work quiet and does not disturb family and neighbors. Low vibration, low noise design, maximum 94 decibels.

[Compact, lightweight, ergonomic design]: It weighs only 1.7KG and can be easily held with one hand. Even if you work long hours, you will hardly feel tired. The soft rubber handle can be comfortably held at any angle

[Double switch, double safety] When the hedge trimmer is started, two inspection switches are designed to prevent accidents due to malfunctions. NEODIT provides the best service. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us. We will provide customers with solutions in a timely manner.

powerful motor

has stronger power, lower noise and weaker vibration. Compared with other products, it has higher stability and stronger output. The powerful motor ensures that crosscutting, bevel cutting, round cutting and other actions can be easily completed.

double safety switch

is designed with double safety switches. To start this machine, two switches need to be turned on at the same time. We always put safety first and reduce the risk of misoperation.

double-blade drive

is driven by two blades, and the thick branch shears can also trim smoothly and operate with high efficiency. Suitable for all shrubs, fences, etc.



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