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20V electric screwdriver

impact screwdriver NEODIT rechargeable cordless 20V maximum torque 160N · m brushless motor stepless speed change forward/backward switching safety lock 2000mAh large capacity battery LED lighting battery remaining display 65mm 10 screwdriver heads 5 sleeve storage box PSE







[Maximum torque 160N · m]: NEODIT electric screwdriver is equipped with high-efficiency powerful motor. The maximum torque is 160N · m, the maximum speed is 2600rpm, and the maximum impact times are 3300 times/minute (weak 0~1500 times/minute; Medium 0~2500 times/minute; Strong 0~3300 times/minute). Suitable for most home DIY scenes

[Equipped with brushless motor]: Equipped with brushless motor, no electric spark will be generated due to friction. Greatly reduce energy consumption and noise, and extend service life. Simple cleaning is required to maintain long-term use.

[One-key forward/backward switching & stepless speed change] NEODIT electric screwdriver can adjust the rotation direction through the left and right buttons. When the button is in the middle position, the drive is locked to ensure safety during use. Stepless speed regulation can be realized by controlling the trigger pressing depth. The rubber cover on the handle allows you to hold it firmly and work comfortably. Can be used to assemble furniture, repair bicycles, cars, etc. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry, and women with weaker strength are also easy to use

[With LED light and power display function]: When the switch is turned on, the LED light is automatically turned on, which is convenient for working at night or in the dark. You can track the remaining battery power through the power indicator at any time, so that you can work at ease. Equipped with a 2000mAh large-capacity battery and a fast charger (it only takes 1 hour to fully charge). Can be used with the company's NEODIT 20V series products.

"All accessories and after-sales service" product list: driver body * 1, 65mm drill * 10, sleeve * 5, 2000mAh battery * 1, fast charger * 1, Japanese manual, NEODIT after-sales service card, storage box


NEODIT is committed to tools and home DIY. Develop woodworking, household and gardening tools, automotive tools for the high-end markets of the United States, the European Union, Japan and Canada.

What is the reason for choosing NEODIT?

professional consciousness-strong strength and excellent design

NEODIT has a complete design, manufacturing and supply chain management system. The service life of NEODIT brushless impact screwdriver is twice that of ordinary products on the market. The lithium ion battery developed by our company is suitable for all NEODIT 20v products. Provide high-performance products according to customer needs.

Trust-Always Stay with Customers

NEODIT promises to provide satisfactory products and services. If there is a problem or insufficient accessories after receiving the product, please contact us as soon as possible. Provide the best solution in the shortest possible time. While providing high-quality products, 24-hour after-sales service is provided.

  • voltage: 20V
  • battery capacity: 2000mAh
  • Charging time: 60 minutes
  • body weight: 1.11kg
  • product size: 16.5*6.8*19.5(cm)
  • maximum torque: 160N · m
  • Maximum speed: 2600rpm
  • : 3300 times/minute

high brightness LED lamp

is equipped with a convenient LED light, which will automatically light up when the switch is pressed. Can improve visibility and smooth operation in dark places such as night.

is equipped with excellent brushless motor

the brushless motor is equipped, compared with previous products, the power of this product is increased by 30%, the weight is reduced by 50%, and the service life is increased by 70%. Reduce noise, reduce the unhappiness caused by noise and the impact on the people around you, and work efficiently.

Easy to Use

, put in the Beatles, let go, and the Beatles can be easily replaced.

2000mah battery and fast charging

is equipped with a 2000mah high-capacity battery and a fast charger. Fully charged for about 1 hour, you can work for a long time.

Continuously variable/forward/reverse switching

stepless speed change function:The speed can be adjusted according to the triggered pulling force.

The forward/reverse switching function:You can adjust the rotation direction as needed.


adapts to various scenarios

NEODIT impact screwdriver has the characteristics of lightweight design and simple carrying, the handle of rubber sleeve is not easy to slide, and the model is fully functional. Used for furniture assembly, bicycle and motorcycle repair.


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