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NEODIT wireless vacuum cleaner

NEODIT wireless vacuum cleaner, 2000mAh large capacity battery, super suction power vacuum cleaner with brushless motor. High and low gear operation mode, 15000PA suction power with metal filter + HEPA double filtration. Equipped with rich accessories, 4 modes of operation. Lightweight, low noise suitable for home, vehicle, etc.







1. High-performance cordless vacuum cleaner: NEODIT cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 100W brushless motor and up to 15000Pa suction power. Suitable for use throughout the home and in-car scenarios for deep cleaning on most scenarios, NEODIT technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home environment.

2. Wireless works more conveniently: with 12V 2000mAh lithium battery can provide up to 25 minutes (low gear)/13 minutes (high gear) of uninterrupted runtime, which is perfect for home cleaning. Meanwhile, the wireless design allows you to get rid of the embarrassment of not having a power plug in some corners or the power cord is not long enough for multi-functional cleaning of the whole house.

3. Small, convenient, and powerful: The main unit weighs only 512g and has a height of 34.4cm, making the lightweight design very easy to carry and store. Can be easily cleaned by the combination of the included extension pole and crevice nozzle high gaps or difficult to reach crevices, even if one-handed work will not feel fatigued.

4.Dual filtration system: the machine is equipped with a metal filter + HEPA dual filtration system. The first layer of the metal filter can easily filter sediment, debris, and other large particles, the second layer of HEPA can absorb soot and filter human, pet hair allergens. At the same time, the HEPA filter supports replacement/cleaning. Cleaning on time can efficiently maintain high suction power and strong filtration.

5.Multi-accessories, a variety of work scenarios: the packaging comes with a variety of suction head accessories. Floor brush: efficient suction micro-dust as well as large particles, not easy to tangle hair, care of the ground; two-in-one flat suction brush: suction dust from various surfaces and larger debris, cleaning furniture, lamps, and other location dust; gap cleaning suction head: can go deep into the gap dead ends and narrow spaces, cleaning doors and windows slides, sofas, and other various gaps, while equipped with 0.1L dust cup dust cover, easy to collect. If you encounter any problems in use, please feel free to contact our official team, we will provide the best quality solutions in the shortest time.


100W Powerful Motor

powerful and ultra-quiet design has super attraction, with 100W attraction in power mode, and can cope with all environments.

Hi/Low mode

You can switch the action mode as needed. Daily cleaning can be performed in Low mode, and stubborn stains can also be cleaned in Hi mode.

triple ultrafiltration

this machine is equipped with a triple ultrafiltration system, which can filter particles 99.97% 0.5 μm. Only clean air is discharged.

washable HEPA filter

can remove the HEPA filter for cleaning. If you clean regularly, the durability will become longer and keep high attractiveness.

is compact and easy to store

is not in use, the storage height is 34.4cm by splitting, which is easy to carry and store in the corner of the home.

package contains

  • host
  • extension tube * 2
  • charger
  • 2 in1 suction nozzle
  • floor brush
  • dust cap
  • instructions


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